Special Adhesive Double Sided Tape


Double sided foam tapes coated with special formula pressure sensitive acrylic adhesiv...
Adhesive Rubber
Carrier White PE Foam
Liner Kraft paper with greem printed
Thickness 0.8 mm
Service Temperature  - 20°C ~ 80°C
Loop tack 1.0 ± 0.1 kg / 25mm
Peel adhesion 0.8 ± 0.1 kg / 25 mm

※ Features/Applications
(1) Removable Rubber adhesive on the close side and open side for easy repositioning and clean removal
without any residue.
(2) High tack and high shear strength adhesive securely bonds to a wide variety of surfaces.
(3) Foam carrier provides high flexibility and conforms well to both smooth and uneven
(4) High shear strength adhesive can be used for mounting metal and plastic materials, great for both
commercial or industrial uses.
(5) Designed for temporary indoor mounting and joining, clean removability from many surfaces such
as nameplates, plastic trims, and posters.
(6) Fastening of metal or plastic articles, e.g. house ware, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, etc.