Cactus® Tape uses high quality UL-certified PE closed-cell foam and  coated with acrylic adhesive to design a formulation for high-performance adhesive applications for Electronic industy . High-density PE double-sided foam tape with perfect shear adhesion and high initial adhesion. Appliction in electronic product frames, such as mobile phone case frames and e-book frames.

Features :

  • Good performance for processing - easy to laminating , die cutting
  • High shear adhesion for long-term fixation
  • Excellent weather resistance
Products: B2103, B2104, B2105, R410

Cactus® offers various removable tapes as assembly aid, as well as permanent tapes for component bonding applications. The applications including gasketing, temporary holding before mechanical fastener is applied, cushioning, kit pairing, etc.

Features :

  • Removable, semi-removable (repositionable) and permanent adhesion is available
  • Converter-friendly for various die-cutting, kiss-cutting and processing

Products:  N2208, N2215, N223, C2208 , C2215, Y291M