Building & Construction

Cactus® window glazing tapes are specifically designed for the fenestration industry. Our closed cell polyethylene foam is coated with high tack, high strength acrylic adhesives for optimal performance. These adhesives provide excellent bonding with wood, aluminum, stainless steel and vinyl window frames.

Features :

  • Quick tack, which creates an immediate bond – no need for curing time
  • High adhesion level for secure bonding
  • Outstanding resistance to heat, humidity, chemicals and UV exposure
  • Easy-peel liner for efficient operation
  • Meet AAMA 810.1 Specifications for Expanded Cellular Foam Glazing Tapes, Type 1 Sealing Applications.

Products: G488W, G485W, G484W, G483W, G488B, G485B, G484B, G483B, G421G

Cactus® Tape offers an ideal solution to bond the shoe plate of reusable plastic brackets to the floor during the process of building the panels forms.

Features :

  • High Shear
  • High Tack
  • Excellent conformability to irregular surfaces
  • Performance over a wide temperature range

Product: N2208 & G488W

Cactus® offers a wide variety of PSA tapes that are ideal for assembly aid application in the construction industry.

Features :

  • High tack, which creates an immediate bond for efficient installation
  • Good adhesion and shear strength on most substrates
  • Excellent UV and temperature resistance
  • Products: P297, H248B

Cactus® offers effective solutions for mirror and glass mounting in indoor environments, replacing mechanical fasteners and speeding up installation processes.

Features :

  • Quick stick for efficient operation
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide of substrates, including Low Surface Energy surfaces
  • High shear strength for a secure bond

Products: R2808, R2208, R2215, R223, R228B, R225B, R223B