Automotive & Transportation

Exterior and interior mirrors are essential components of a vehicle to ensure safe driving. Cactus® Tape offers excellent solutions for secure long time bonding.

Features :

  • High shear strength (high load bearing) for secure bonding
  • Highly resistant to weather, oxidation, UV and extreme weather temperature ranges
  • Permanent bonding

Products:  B418, B4208, H421D, B421C, B295, H421C

Cactus® Tape offers high-shear and weathering resistant adhesive solutions for long term bonding of automotive emblems.

Features :

  • Converter friendly – easy to laminate, kiss cut or die cut
  • High shear strength for long term bonding
  • Excellent weathering resistance

Products:  A4208, G4208, B418, B4208, H421D, B421C, R4105 ,Y2104

Side Moldings protect your car from scratches and door dings while adding a more sophisticated look. Cactus® Tape offers excellent mounting solution for this application that is long lasting and easy to apply.

Features :

  • Excellent shear strength for long term bonding
  • High density foam carrier for structural support

Products:  B418, B4208, H421D, B421C