Household and Office

Cactus® offer perfect solutions for pictures, mirror and hooks mounting.  With flexible foam carrier, high tack and high shear, our tapes conform to almost any surface, and they are perfect for many indoor general purpose mounting and joining applications.

Applications for Household and Office

  • Cactus® offers solutions for various household and office applications, such as picture and mirror mounting, racks/hooks mounting, cable management, etc.
Picture, Frame, Mirror, Hook Mounting
  • Cactus® offers perfect solutions for pictures, mirror and hook mounting. With flexible foam carrier, high adhesion and high shear strength, our tapes can be applied to almost any surface, and are perfect for indoor mounting and joining applications.
Features :
  • Filling gaps on irregular surfaces.
  • High shear strength for heavy duty weight.
  • Removable adhesive for temporary bonding result.
  • Great adhesion strength for immediate bonding result.
  • Mutli-purpose.

Products:   N2208, N2215, N2230, R2808, R288S, R2215, Y221C, N2808 , N2810 ,H221C , RM228 , RP228

Cactus® offers adhesive solutions for Wire and cable clips mounting application. They feature excellent 
initial tack, shear strength as well as good convert-ability. They are ideal for most plastic, glass and metal surfaces.

Features :

  • Instantaneous good tack
  • Easy to kiss-cut or die-cut
  • Excellent shear strength

Products: A4208, Y495, L299, Y496